Garden City

Garden City was framed as a town in August 1885. It was fused as a fourth-class city in 1897.

Our distinguishing strength is the way that Tony and Minnie Washington resided in Garden City. If America would have started a government rather than a majority rules system, Tony and Minnie, were immediate relatives of George Washington would have gained eminence. There are individuals around who still recall them, and some possess prized patterns or outlines made by Minnie. A landmark is situated at the Mail station and another time at the GC Graveyard, where the pair both covered.

We as of now are have to two banks, a therapeutic center, two eateries, two bars, two auto mechanics, two tire shops, a feed store, flower shop, second hand shop, oil organization, three accommodation stores, excellence shops, land workplaces, protection office and our most up to date expansion, one of the infamous Dollar General Store. Garden City also is included in what is known as Sherwood Cass R8 School Region found 7 miles away from Garden City. Garden City is also the home of The Instructional hub, which is known as a Christian school responsible for teaching students between PK through 12th grade.

Garden City Police Department

The individuals from the Garden City Police Division perceive that our commitment to the personal satisfaction in our locale is best served by giving the best proficient law requirement administrations conceivable. We will address the difficulty of giving these administrations by putting together our considerations and activities with respect to the accompanying shared qualities.


The establishment of our law requirement office is the head of the security of the value; respect and privileges of all we serve. We invest wholeheartedly in the chance to give to our locale top notch administrations, which are reasonable, polite, steady, unprejudiced, careful, opportune and proficient.


We esteem and anticipate openness, legitimate and moral practices in the individuals from our specialization. We are focused on maintaining our places of trust by keeping up the most noteworthy moral benchmarks as set out in the law authorization code of morals, and our own departmental principals.


We esteem the requirement for compelling utilization of our assets, and the clear interchanges with our area of expertise and the residents we serve. We are liable for our activities, ready to concede our slip-ups. We will work to guarantee that our lead procures the help and trust of all fragments of the open that we serve.


We esteem the soul of polished skill, having an unmistakable feeling of responsibility, viewpoint and course. It has been created by making a situation that energizes collaboration, development and consistent assessment of ourselves. Our expert frame of mind is devoted to top notch, practicality and greatness in our support of our locale.


We accept our work to be a wellspring of pleasure and fulfillment. We are glad for our achievements as a vital piece of our locale. We don’t pay attention to ourselves with the goal that we neglect to appreciate what we decide to do- – serving the residents of Garden City by being an individual from the Garden City Police Office.

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