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Chief Alber has been with the Garden City, Missouri Police Department since 2000. Chief Alber began his Law Enforcement career in 1989 with the Anderson County, Kansas Sheriffs Office and has served in various positions including Patrol, narcotics and Deputy Chief of Police for various rural departments throughout Kansas and Missouri. Chief Alber was hired by Garden City in 2000 serving as a Detective, Deputy Chief and was appointed Chief of Police in 2003. Chief Alber served in the United States Marine Corps from 1985-1989 then with the United States Army from 1989 to present. Chief Alber has served as a military police officer, a tactical intelligence officer, anti-terrorism officer and Arabic Linguist. His current assignment is as commander of the 308th Psychological Operations Company, United States Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command Airborne, U. S. Army Special Operations Command.